• Life Skills Unlocked

    Life Skills Unlocked: Solving the Riddle of the Strong Smell of Cat Pee

    My kitchen smells like cat pee. Considering I don’t own a cat (yet), this is not a sentence I expected to type. A kitchen can smell like many things – the toast we burned at the weekend, the flapjacks I made on Tuesday, the cacio e pepe spaghetti we ate last night – but I would have to say that cat pee is just not one of the typical kitchen aromas. My face crunched into an expression of distaste, I ventured in nose-first. I sniffed the fridge. Nothing. I opened the fridge and cautiously sniffed. I could smell spring onions and cheese. “As you were,” I whispered, and closed the…

  • unplanned paramedicine in Paris France when do i get the manual
    so that happened

    Unplanned Paramedicine in Paris, France

    We had just stumbled out of the Parisian bar Le Comptoir Général when it happened. As I reached the bank of the canal to join my friends, I went to glance back at the bar and turned just in time to watch a little hatchback brake suddenly, sending a pizza delivery guy smashing straight into the back of him. The scooter and the pizzas skidded sideways across the road. The driver was flung up in the air. Everything slowed for an instant and then sped up. He hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Half-drunk and without thinking, I immediately ran over to the unconscious figure sprawled across the tarmac and when I…