Plans and Pawprints



Some people have detailed daydreams about their future wedding.

I am not one of those people.

Some people already know what they will name their future children.

I am also not one of those people.

I do have names picked out, however. Names that I speak out loud to see how they’ll sound shouted out loud in the park. I do have detailed daydreams that involve craft projects and colour schemes.

You see, my detailed daydreams are about future pets.

I have it all planned out. I will first get a cat – an indoor cat, since I will have to move at some point and don’t want to risk them getting lost or harmed in a new place – and then a few years later I will get a dog.

Maybe two dogs.

My cat will have time to become boss of the household before I bring in a puppy; in my experience this is necessary for the two of them to get along in the long-term. Although FutureCat will have to be a specific breed for personal reasons, the puppy will be a rescue. FutureCat will have an awesome cat tree beside the window, and a soft leather collar so that he feels like a true gentleman. SpaceDog will be spoiled, and I will feed him under the table even though I’m not supposed to.

Since this plan requires a few years, the first part of this ambitious pet plan starts this year. The FutureCat strategy is hopefully in the works. I have already, in a burst of extreme optimism, bought FutureCat a fancy cat bowl.


FutureCat only needs one bowl (for his food) because he will have a little fountain for his water. He won’t even know how good he has it. FutureCat is going to be one fancy, formal, fashionable feline.

Typing this out makes me feel like I’m jinxing myself, and yet… I want to put it down here. FutureCat may have already been born. This daydream could be real!

I’m excited.

Just you wait. Six months from now I’ll be building a miniature yurt for FutureCat complete with fairylights and a kitty couch.