One Month with Oscar & Maya

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So it’s been just over a month since Oscar and Maya moved in. We’ve got to know each other over the course of that time, and we now have a fairly decent communication system in place which consists of them scratching at the fridge (food please), them scratching at the door (attention please) and them scratching at the window (FREE USSSS!). As brother and sister, I have to say their personalities balance each other out quite well.

For example, Oscar enjoys waking me up with vigorous face licking (which is both quite painful and also the most exfoliating experience I have ever had), but likes his own space when he goes for a nap. Maya, on the other hand, prefers to act as a sneak-attack alarm clock in the morning, but prefers to snooze while snuggling with humans.

Oscar lives in a perpetual state of wide-eyed innocence, finds many things confusing, and often acts in ways that are not only unpredictable but also completely illogical. Maya is sensible and sharp as a tack; her every action is both deliberate and based on common sense, so her behaviour is generally predictable.

Oscar is a picky eater with intolerant tastebuds and a delicate stomach.

Maya eats like she’s been marooned at sea without food or drink for nine days.

Together, they rule the apartment in the form of a boisterous but benign dual dictatorship. They may only have been here a month, but they are learning at a rapid pace. Here are some of the things they’ve learned in one short month:

Some things cannot be explained

Certain things are a mystery and will always remain that way. For example, the toilet cistern. When the human flushes the toilet, where does the water go? What is that gurgling noise? Inquiring minds (Oscar’s) want to know.


oscar maya investigating toilet sounds

Trust No-onething

Obviously the hoover should be avoided at all costs, but there are other objects in the house that look innocuous but later turn out to be possessed by demon energy. The hairdryer is one such object. Trust nothing until you have seen it come to life and heard whether or not it roars with the voices of ten thousand angry beasts.


oscar and maya cardboard box

Rules are made to be if not broken then at least challenged

The human says a lot of things. Sometimes the human says things like “GET DOWN OFF THE TABLE!” and “STOP CLIMBING THE CHAIRS!” Remember this is ‘your life, live it however you wanna,’ as Eminem once said. You do you. If that means practicing your bouldering on the dining room chairs, go for it.


oscar maya climbing chairs

All objects have special feline functions

The human thinks it is a cardboard box, but actually it is a battlestation. The human thinks it is a curtain but in fact it is an invisibility cloak. The human thinks it is a paper bag, but it is really a costume for our upcoming theatrical production of CATS The Musical.


oscar maya paper bag costume



So here we are, a month in and we’re all learning lessons!

They’re starting to really trust me, and coincidentally we’re coming right up to the time when I need to take them to the vet to be neutered and spayed, so I’m sure all that trust will need rebuilding in pretty short order after it is blown to smithereens by the veterinary surgeon’s scalpel…

But for now, it’s good.

We’re good.


Oscar Maya hanging out



  • Soul Gifts

    Curtains are made to be shredded, upholstered chairs are scratching post substitutes. Beware the time Oscar and Maya come marching in proudly to present you with firmly clenched, half dead creatures in their jaws – mice and birds. They are serious about bestowing these tokens of their regard to you. And will expect you to treat them – the gifts and gifters – with the respect they deserve. Cats are cool. Cats are cruel. Cats rule the world 🙂

  • Irene

    I am not a cat person- but these two are adorable! I just showed my daughter who decided that she wants to grow up and add cats like yours to her growing future animal farm.

  • nkdwhtguy

    Cute story and photos. When I was a kid, I had a Siamese cat ….loved that guy. Of course, now I’m a dog person, but your story brought back some great memories.

  • westcorkfit

    Ahhhahahahaha. I love it. We now have Blaze and Ollie for about 6 weeks. One of whom looks like a little ball of flame and has the personality to match (you can guess which one that is) and the other is gentle, cafe au lait coloured with a bit of ginger thrown in for good measure who is chilled out and likes to sit under my chin while I’m working on the the laptop. They are a comedy show come 8pm, when myself and the husband raise a pair of eyebrows and give an ‘overtired’ comment. Endless amusement. Enjoy them.

  • jacquelineannemarielarkin

    First, those kitties are absolute stunners! Second, this post had me in a fit of laughter. I’m currently dog sitting a Great Dane for a friend. She physically takes up a 1/4 of my inner city apartment and the lessons I am already learning are both hilarious and eye opening. Namely, anything is possible (as is evidenced by her insistence to lie on my chair, which she manages to squeeze onto like the human she seems to think she is).
    Loved the description on the paper bag turned battle station. Animals are simply the best!

    • Quinn

      I LOVE Great Danes! What’s she like? They’re so beautiful and lazy and soft and their eyes have that sad, puppy dog quality forever… I agree, animals are the best!

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