The To Do List: Part 2


It’s Friday. Or as some people insist on writing, “Fri-YAY!”

I am not feeling ‘yay’ about today. In fact, if today had a sound it would be more of a ‘meh,’ or an ‘argh,’ or even just a heavy, deeply frustrated sigh.

 If the past two weeks were being summarized by an action, it would be that of a dog turning around and around and around in an effort to get comfortable. I am still not comfortable. We’re still not fully unpacked from our move, my days seem to consist of lifting alternating kittens off the table, and my mattress has been trying to stab me in the night with its errant springs. A new bed is on the To Do List, but since I’m so far behind on checking things off, it might have to wait a while.

My home currently feels like one of those annoying puzzles you used to get in party bags as a child. The ones where you have to slide the pieces around until the smiley face comes together. I was always brutal at them. I would end up prying the pieces out in an effort to make it work but could never manage to put them back in, so the smiley face always ended up littered across the patio in tiny square pieces.

Which, now that I think about it, doesn’t bode well for my living space.

Currently there is too much stuff, and not enough storage. There is too much to do, and not enough time or energy. Every action feels like reaching the end of a particularly challenging Super Mario level only to be told Princess Peach is in another castle.

Deadlines I set myself a month ago have become elasticated, stretching like old gum to accomodate my slow trudge. So many things that I just want to be finished with still loom over me, casting an ever-darkening shadow of shame over me. Sun-seeking sourjourns set me back, yes, but so did a few (far less enjoyable and far more common) slumps in mood and motivation. Even this blog has run into a few brick walls this past month.

I’m pushing through it by focusing on the positive. At least one corner of my home is exactly the way I want it, which I find deeply soothing. Also, other than their aforementioned hard-headed insistence on exploring the dining table, the goofy goobers – Oscar and Maya – are being extremely well-behaved. I think they are even starting to like me. They have had neighbourcat landing parties a few times now and nobody has lost an eye. Almost two weeks in and they are still alive and thriving, which while not being a surprise (give me some credit), is at least a relief.

So it’s the end of the week. I hope everyone has something fun lined up over the next few days. I hope the clouds lift, literally and metaphorically, and I hope I finally reach that damn Princess Peach castle.

Whew, Friday.

We made it.


  • The Real Reality Show Blog

    Ah, you have soothing corner. Then you have a place where it’s acceptable to rest, regroup, and recognize that even overly flexed deadlines get met and are worth it in the end. And sometimes middle.
    Oh, and Oscar and Maya are lovely names but I was personally partial to Cat One and Cat Two.

  • Dewy

    Have a good one just remember life is too short to be worrying about chores 😂 I should be tidying my place but am off for a shower then off to the nursery to look at their art gallery 😂

  • Angela

    You’ll get there! I’m sure once the puzzle is complete( I loved those things) you’ll find your head will sort itself out too! My head works better when I have a tidy organised space!
    The kittens sound a lot like my sisters twins just now both shooting off in opposite directions, hard work but good fun!

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