Feeling Pensive in Phoenix Park, Dublin

There is a place just outside the centre of Dublin called Phoenix Park. It’s one of many parks in the city – Dublin is littered with green spaces – but Phoenix Park is special. It sprawls over 1,750 acres, encompassing enormous, sweeping lawns and wilder wooded areas. Dublin Zoo lies within its stone walls, as… Continue reading Feeling Pensive in Phoenix Park, Dublin

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Thoughts On… Adulting Struggles

It is unseasonably warm in Ireland at the moment. In a freak occurence, the sun is actually visible, the clouds are wispy and barely-there, and the temperature has crept up to Irish-sunburn levels (which isn’t very high, but it’s high enough for people to wander the streets in singlets, puffing and red-faced, panting about how… Continue reading Thoughts On… Adulting Struggles