An Open Letter to Sleep

Dear Sleep,

Why do you elude me?

At 4am, when there is a minor rattle from the washing machine that in no sane and rational world would wake any normal person, why do you startle and desert me?

Why do you disappear in a clap of silent thunder at 6am when Maya decides to play hopscotch on my head?

Why do you vanish like fog and refuse to return, leaving me wild-eyed and desperate for a doze?

I love you! Come back to me and wrap me up. Sink me into a coma-like state until morning. Please let me stay with you for at least six hours straight. You don’t understand how much I need you!

When you abandon me in the barbaric hours of the morning, I spend the next day bouncing from sugar high to sugar high, from cup of tea to cup of coffee in an attempt to make it through the waking hours in something resembling a functional state. I spend the day on autopilot, daydreaming about wrapping myself in a plush throw and throwing myself on the couch like a human burrito.

But even more than this…

Why let me start dreams that you’re not willing to let me finish?


You seem willing to let me plod through the grimmest of dreams to the brutal and bitter end, so what about the good ones? You know I hate unsolved mysteries. Your habit of slowly unraveling intriguing storylines only to cut the fun short before I can find any resolution is mildly infuriating enough to deserve its own hashtag.


Sleep, please let me love you.

Life sucks without you.

  1. Dreamteasing is the absolute worst. Sleep should be ashamed of himself. Let’s hope you get some requited love back soon.

    1. Thank you! Sleep SHOULD be ashamed!

  2. Is there anything finer than a deep slumber? Well, maybe, but at times it is the best.

    1. When it’s needed, it feels like the loveliest thing in the world!

      1. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep in on Saturday morning. I had the window open in my bedroom and a soft, cool breeze swept into the room Friday night into Saturday. Then, unceremoniously at 5:30AM on Saturday morning, the freaking hoard of turkeys across the street started their awful gobbling sound. No sleep for me!

        1. Considering how much I dislike the sound of turkeys gobbling, that sounds perfectly awful!! Poor turkeys. They’re so weird and ugly. It’s not their fault. But SHHHHH in the morning!

  3. Naughty Sleep, playing hard to get. Just stop it. We all need our rests and dreams!

    1. Sleep is so slippery these days….!

  4. I have this issue. Bar the cat playing hop scotch on my head thankfully! But then again I don’t have a cat playing hop scotch on my head so why can’t I sleep? I can’t even blame the cat!

    1. Hmmmm……. anxiety? Maybe we need lavender. Or ambien.

  5. I hope, this night you have the best sleep ever. I hope you have epic dreams that do not fade in the morning. I hope that you wake to the smell of coffee being made.

    1. Thank you! That sounds so lovely….

  6. Wishing you a full nights sleep and if you do ever figure out the secret to six full hours be sure to share 🙂

  7. A silent clap of thunder. Great line that

  8. I feel so bad for you, I love my sleep but apparently its for the weak 😉

  9. It’s an elusive, slippery beast !

  10. If sleep answers, let me know…I need the answer too

  11. She is a cruel mistress…

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