31 thoughts on “Et Tu, Brute?

  1. First and foremost, congratulations on your award. You definitely deserve it–and it is always nice to have a physical reminder of how great you are.

    As for putting these two posts together…..can’t really blame you. I’ve done it myself. Sometimes, there is so much to write about. Of course the opposite is also true—sometimes there is nothing to write about.

    Congratulations again.

  2. If I could do that, 6x/morning would be my routine too.

    VERY funny entry! Almost every pet owner seems to do a “my (cat/dog/tapir) made a list…” post eventually, but they’re almost always hackneyed and stale, near carbon copies of the millions that came before. But yours was refreshingly original, even avoiding the almost obligatory use of “pussy” as a double-entente (something I’ve never, ever been able to avoid myself). Loved it.

    Congrats on the blog award! Er…how many people on the 9 square kilometer rock of yours DO blog, by the way? Oh well, regardless, it was well deserved 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m actually not sure but who cares? I now have a hunk of lucite I can use as a deadly weapon if needed!

  3. The Samaritians:
    Free phone: 116 123
    Text: 087 260 9090
    Aware (Depression & Anxiety)
    1980 303 302
    National Suicide Helpline (Pieta House)
    1800 247 247
    Irish Advocacy Network (Peer advocacy in mental health)
    01 872 8684
    Pieta House (Suicide & self-harm)
    01 623 5606
    IACP (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
    01 230 3536
    Shine: (Supporting people affected by mental ill health)
    01 860 1620

      1. Therapy has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Talk to someone if ur struggling.

  4. Congratulations! Falling Half in Love is a terrific tale and worthy of recognition, as everything you write is.
    Oscar also is quite worthy of recognition and I sincerely hope you pet his tummy whenever requested. A true male through and through. The best ones of us don’t say much but it comes from the heart. And the tummy.

    1. Thank you! And I do give Oscar all the tummy rubs. He’s too cute to ignore. I try, but it’s impossible. He’s irresistible!

  5. have 2 cats myself, siblings, now 19 years. I think your translations worked admirably! Cheers to you, the cats on their operations, and congratulations on your award!

    1. Thank you! Operation is tomorrow and I am extremely nervous! Hopefully they won’t hate me forever afterwards!

    2. best healing wishes to all. Lucy’s response to her “peration” was to be “fended” (she has a tendency to drop a syllable in her words). Jules seemed unperturbed by the whole thing, as long as he didn’t have to wear a “cone of shame”.

  6. That is so awesome that you won an award for for that piece!! Congrats, my friend.

    So did you intentionally give the kitties this survey before their surgeries? Are you planning on giving one post surgery as well?

  7. Hey Quinn,

    Congratulations to the award for finding you 🙂

    I am intrigued to ask who the ‘other human’ that Maya and Oscar refer to. I am secretly hoping that it is not a love interest, as I secretly (umm guess not anymore) have a crush on you! While I know it is too fantastical for it to come true, I still like to dream on 🙂

    Coming back to reality, amazingly funny post. Absolutely loved it!


  8. Congrats again! Pet owners always seem to insist that their pets have personalities and characteristics but I’ve never understood that. But there’s something about this post, how you capture their behaviors, and even create unique writing styles for them, that makes me think that this just might actually be true!

  9. Congratulations! You totally deserve the award so I am glad you’ve been recognized. 🙂

    Good luck with the neutering/spaying. It’s not that bad and Maya and Oscar will be fine! I really love their hooman evaluations though.

  10. Congratulations on getting the award – it was very well deserved for such a beautiful and rather poignant post which actually made me cry as I read it.

    Love the cat story too, it’s very amusing although I don’t think Oscar and Maya will be very amused when they come back from the vet’s 🙁

  11. Ireland has a blog award? That’s cool. I remember liking that post. For toys, try pipe cleaners. That’s about the only toy that will catch my cat’s attention. Sometimes in the morning there is a pipe cleaner on the couch where she sleeps. It makes me happy to think that she goes out into the house, finds one and brings it back to bed with her.

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