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It’s been a few weeks now since I started wearing my engagement ring.

At first, it felt weird. Really weird. It’s heavier than any ring I’ve ever worn before, and it’s so… SHINY! It seems to catch the light no matter what I do. I almost felt a flicker of embarrassment even wearing it. I felt like I’d grown an extra finger. I kept catching it on the pockets of my jeans and I constantly worried about it falling off, even though it fits me perfectly.

Now I’m used to the weight of it, but I’m still sometimes surprised by its presence. I’m slowly getting used to it. Slowly!

When I started looking at rings, certain things quickly became obvious. Like the fact that certain rings I thought I liked actually made me look like a centenarian on her way to the opera, or the fact that yes, by and large they still all looked the same to me. It was just rows and rows (and rows) of identikit rings with tiny variations. This annoyed me slightly, because I didn’t enjoy the thought of dropping a large amount of money on something that had nothing to distinguish it from thousands of others.

Remember when you were in junior school and everyone in your class had that same plastic Aladdin lunchbox, but you knew which one was yours because nobody else was unlucky enough to have salami sandwiches and a pear inside of theirs?

I guess I wanted the positive, pretty, ring version of that lunch box. I wanted something inside my ring that made me nod and say, “Yep, this one’s mine!”

…Only, you know, with more enthusiasm than I ever showed for salami sandwiches.

In no time at all I sped through a quick game of No-No-No-Yes until I had narrowed down my options. I decided on the following:

  • One stone, because my fingers are stumpy and anything more than that made me look like a pirate gnome.
  • A plain band, because while I was ALMOST swayed by this gorgeous antique ring (the details! Can I buy that one just to frame it in a shadow box?), I am not nearly stylish enough to be wearing that sort of thing on a daily basis.
  • A tiny detail to make it personal.

Scrubs and I made an appointment with Diamant and met with Tom. You really need to have a pretty solid idea of what it is you want before you meet with him, because he doesn’t have three hours and hundreds of rings for you try on. What he does have are certified diamonds. Well, diamonds and contacts and a lot of knowledge. Before you meet him he asks for a budget and what sort of a ring you’re looking for, and then, like a gemstone hunter gatherer, he finds you a number of loose cut diamonds to choose from.

On the day that you meet with him, he sets a few tiny, glittering crystals before you in order of cost, and you decide – in what for me was a slightly surreal and uncomfortable experience* – which one you want. Honestly, unless you have a microscope and a diploma in gemology** you can’t really tell the difference. They all look practically identical. Then your chosen diamond is shipped off to Antwerp, where a gruff but genial goldsmith named Reggie sets it to your specifications.

In the end, I decided I wanted a round cut diamond in a thin, plain band, with compass prongs (four prongs in a north-south-east-west placement instead of the far more common box shape). The one little detail I wanted to mark the ring as mine?

Scrubs’ birthstone on the inside of the band.

A teeny, tiny emerald.

I love it. It’s not blinding. It’s not ornate. It’s exactly what I wanted; simple, and sparkly, and when I twist it around my finger I know that the smallest emerald you ever did see is rubbing against my skin; a reminder of Scrubs and the reason I’m wearing it.

*Nothing to do with Tom or Diamant (who are awesome and even leave you alone for a while to make your decision in private), just my own general awkwardness at the entire idea of choosing between virtually identical sparkly stones.

**This is a thing.


    It’s always exciting to get engaged and that is a beautiful bit of sparkle to go with it.

    Mine is more like the antique one that you fell in love with. I looked at all the designs in the shops and was a little sad that they mostly look the same…so I went to antique shops instead.

    I agree about the strangeness if you’ve never worn a ring before. It took me a while to get used to mine, even though it’s pretty slender. Now it feels strange when I’m not wearing it!

    1. p.s. I love that you have a sparkle inside as well!

    2. It must be beautiful then! That antique one NEEEEEEEEARLY swayed me! Mine is pretty slender as well and I’m pretty glad for it!

  2. That’s a beautiful ring, Quinn. I like how you included the emerald on the inside, even though it’s not visible to others. Classy!

    1. Thanks! I like that it’s not something you’d know about unless I told you, you know?

  3. I love the idea of the emerald inside the band! What a creative idea. (and…congrats!!)

    1. Thank you! (And thank you! Haha!)

  4. Simple,elegant,timeless!!!
    And the tiny emerald on the inside…priceless.
    Gorgeous symbol of y’all’s beautiful commitment.
    Happy for you! And for him!

    1. Thank you!! 🙂

  5. That’s so gorgeous! I recently got engaged too and I’ve had a lot of the same feelings. I’ve never worn rings just for the fun or fashion of it so this is my first time wearing one. It was weird, but I’m used to it now even though it can make washing my hands really annoying.

    Mine is pretty much the same, but with 6 prongs. There’s just something I love so much about the solitaire diamond look.

    1. Haha that just means yours is more secure! Yeah I’m happy we went with this one, I just feel like it goes with everything, and I don’t dress up often enough to be wearing something Extra Fancy! The only time I take it off is when I’m baking or when I’m sleeping. Do you never take it off at all?

      1. I take it off for sleeping and showering, I’m afraid if I never have it off it’ll eventually not be able to get off at all!

  6. It is simply… lovely. And the idea of the emerald is wonderful.

    1. Thank you Ted!

  7. OmG! Congratulations. I wish you both have a wonderful life together filled with so much happiness!

    1. Thank you!

  8. I love that your ring has a secret! That’s such a great idea. I’ve had mine for 3 months now and have gotten more used to wearing it, but I definitely still find myself starring at it from time to time.

    And that antique ring is stunning, but when you know it’s your ring, you know.

    1. ISN’T IT?? Pity you can’t get two! 😛

      I love that it has a secret too…. Even if it’s only a secret from strangers, since I keep telling all my friends about it!

  9. Congratulations on the engagement and on finding something that you can identify with.

    1. Thanks Anthony!

  10. First of all, congrats!! I absolutely love that you have the birth stone inside the band, a really beautiful idea!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  11. That such a beautiful thought, the emerald inside and what it represents…I am getting all warm and fuzzy!
    Congratulations Quinn! For some reason I am really happy after reading the post, as if I have just gotten the news of a dear friend getting engaged.

    1. Aw thank you N! This was a lovely comment to read! 🙂

      1. 🙂

  12. Congrats ! It will soon enough become an innate part of you …

    1. Thank you! I guess so….! Strange to think!

      1. I’m not consciously aware of mine anymore – often. Except in winter when they slip and slide around my fingers 🙂

  13. It’s gorgeous! I love the tiny emerald inside the band, such a thoughtful idea. <3

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  14. STUNNING ❤️

    1. Thanks!

  15. Beautiful.

    We have very similar tastes, bc I too love the simple engagement rings best… but that antique one is BE-AU-Ti-FUL!

  16. That is so stunning!! And how interesting that you picked it out yourself! Is that common over in the UK? Here in the states, the guy picks it out for the girl traditionally.

  17. Ah Quinn!! I loved this post so much! Before I sold off my engagement ring lol, it was an antique style, small and perfect. While some called it “cute” it was perfect for me – also not sure if THOSE people remembered the true reason behind said ring if they had specs they must have in order to be happy – you know? Anyway! I love antique rings as well!!! DETAILS! I remember the weirdness of it on my finger, the familiar snags with pockets…also just awkwardly staring at it hahaha. Like this is real.. is happening…(welll) and oh so sparkly especially out dirving!

    I absolutely love your ring as it is simply stunning. It is perfect and will go with anything – the emerald is such a sweet touch and a true reminder like you said – of why you are wearing the ring today. Excellent choice love! I cannot wait to hear more about the wedding adventures!! <3

  18. The rings’ quite neat and elegant…Like it! And that it tells a story? 👌

  19. I really like the way you write Quinn, it is never boring. And I love your ring so much! 😍

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