36 Questions: The First Question

Hello to San Francisco!

They say 36 questions can bring you closer to any stranger.

I don’t consider you – the person reading this – to be a stranger. Whether you lurk or comment, are new to the blog or have been reading a while, you’re not a stranger. You’re like… a pen pal. I’m the awful, self-obsessed pen pal who never asks you how you are (how are you, by the way?) and you’re the lovely person patient enough to read my thoughts. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to take time out every so often to get through these questions one by one. You know, so we can get… intimate

*wink wink*

So. Today is Question One.

If you could invite anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be?

When I first read this, I rolled my eyes. Talk about an easy pitch. That’s up there with “What colour are your eyes?” and “Are you a cat person or a dog person?”

What sort of a question is that?

Then I thought about it, and questions bubbled up until my mind was just white noise. How big is this dinner table? Am I allowed to invite as many people as I want? Are translators allowed? Who’s going to plan this thing? Do I have to cook?

So here we have it. Our first problem. I overthink things.

Obviously I want those I love at this infinity table, that should go without saying. They get automatic invites.

Most of the people I really admire are dead, so I suppose they can’t come. The question says ‘anyone in the world’, after all, and I take that to mean everyone in this world, not the next. It also says I can invite anyone, but gives no assurances that these people will actually show up, so I guess if worst comes to worst I’ll just have a lovely dinner with my friends. To that end, it’s going to be a casual, comfort-food-and-roasting-marshmallows-over-the-fire kind of dinner and we’re all going to wear our pyjamas.

Here’s the invite list:

It's a PYJAMA PARTY! (1)

Obviously everyone can bring a plus one.

I haven’t invited everybody I’m interested to talk to, but realistically how many people can anyone talk to in a night? Unless the infinity table is just the setting for an infinite dinner that spans over many evenings, it doesn’t make sense to invite more people. I feel like I’ve covered most of my bases here. I don’t think anyone would clash horribly or start flinging food across the table…. Although you can never tell at a pyjama party, I suppose.

For those wondering who some of the people are, here’s a quick list:

  • Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin & Hobbes)
  • Bill Bryson (writer; not this writer)
  • Bill & Melinda Gates (billionaire philanthopists)
  • Chris Hadfield (astronaut)
  • JK Rowling (writer)
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg (US Supreme Court Justice)
  • Chrissy Teigen & John Legend (foodie model and singer)
  • Claire Marshall (youtuber with editing skills and an awesome cat)
  • Tim Minchin (singing comedian)
  • Bob Iger (CEO of Disney – can definitely get me into Club 33)
  • The Raven Master (takes care of the ravens at the Tower of London)
  • Brené Brown (emotional genius)
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of Hamilton)
  • Chip & Joanna Gaines (Ridiculously adorable fixer-uppers)
  • Sarah Andersen (a cartoonist who I think spies on my life and draws my adventures)
  • Edward Snowden (whistleblower)
  • Dara O’Briain (comedian)
  • Glen Keane (animator)
  • Andreas Deja (animator)
  • Ron Mueck (sculptor)
  • Stoya (writer, activist, pornographer, feminist, nsfw)
  • David Attenborough (nature documentary icon)
  • Betty White (actress and general badass)
  • Guillermo Del Toro (director)
  • President Higgins (president of Ireland)
  • Elon Musk (ambitious visionary genius and/or possible future James Bond villain)

Comment below on any thoughts you have on the guest list! Do you have anybody to add? Is there anyone you’d like to be seated next to at the infinity table?

Also don’t forget to RSVP; you’re obviously invited!

41 thoughts on “36 Questions: The First Question

  1. I see no reason why you can’t have dead people. I mean think of the feasts in Hogwarts with all the ghosts. And you wouldn’t have to cook for them. If only i wouldn’t die of fright if they DID turn up at my dinner table…

  2. I thought I I was the only one who would ask Bill Bryson to dinner. I love his work. I could manage with the rest of your list but I would like to add Pope Francis to bless the meal and David Benoit (jazz pianist) for the entertainment portion of the evening.

  3. Is this that list of questions that you’re supposed to do with someone and then at the end you stare into each other’s eyes for like 4 minutes and you’ll fall in love?
    “possible future James Bond villain” hahahahha that’s accurate

  4. Oh my gosh, can I come? Betty White and Tim Minchin are on my list too!! And I obviously approve of everyone else you’ve put on this invite, as well. Well done!
    P.S. I love this series idea. My husband and I did these questions when we were early into our relationship and it was so much fun.

  5. Well that is just the cutest invite to anything I have ever seen. I would also suggest extending that invite to Michael D’s dogs, Shadow and Bród, and then me so that I can meet Shadow and Bród. This is the most interesting answer to this question I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to your answer to question 2!

    1. It’s not taken! Of course you can sit in there! I find it interesting that everyone has a different couple of people they’d like to sit next to… I think Tim Minchin is the only one with both seats taken!

          1. I’d call your blog your first writing project… and IMHO, as a writing proof-of-concept, it is wildly successful. You’ve proven that you have a natural gift! I think you should write a book. And I would be honored to be a small part of the project in any way I can.

          2. Hahaha I’m not sure that my blog merits that title but thank you! Don’t think I’m quite ready to put fingertips to the keyboard in the hopes of anything that ambitious though….

  6. Ooh! I’ve heard of this questionnaire! This will be interesting. The original purpose was to show how easily you could fall in love with someone by speed-making a strong emotional bond. It’ll be interesting to see you take it on since some of those questions are in regards to the person you’re supposed to be doing it with, and the end is staring deeply into each others’ eyes. Hahah.

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