The Sugar Rush is Real

So I meant to take a photo of my pancakes but then I got too excited and ate them too quickly and so instead you get a photo of an empty plate. 

Yesterday was Pancake Tuesday.

I’m not sure how widespread Pancake Tuesday is, but if it’s not a global holiday then it should be. If anything can unite us in this time of division and disharmony, it’s pancakes. I mean, talk about a food of the people. They can be adapted to suit everyone! If you don’t like the fluffy, thick American pancakes, you can go for paper-thin French crêpes. If you don’t like them sweet (YOU MONSTER), you can have them savoury.

Seriously, pancakes are multi-purpose. Who needs a penknife in their back pocket? Pack a pancake instead.

I ate a lot of pancakes yesterday. I had pancakes for breakfast. I had pancakes for dinner. I had pancakes for dessert. This morning I had another pancake, because I wasn’t ready to let go of my favourite maple syrup delivery system just yet. Truthfully, I still have some batter left so there’s a fairly decent chance I’ll be having a ham and cheese crêpe for lunch.

…And then I may have to actually join the gym because my body mass will be 85% pancake batter, and I’m sure that’s not recommended for general human-ing. If I were to have an accident right now (caused by my own clumisness, naturally), I suspect I would bleed maple syrup. I don’t feel like that’s a good thing. The emergency services probably don’t deal with that issue very often.

“What’s your blood type miss?”

“Well usually I’m O negative… but currently I’m maple syrup positive, if you know what I mean.”

“Now is not the time for jokes, miss. You could lose your leg.”

“That’s not a joke. I’m probably one pancake away from diabetes. TRANSFUSE ME!”

Anyway. I thought I’d share the recipe I use for crêpes (you can save it as an image) because it’s easy and then you can experience your own sugar-induced hyperactive zoomies. Or ham, cheese and egg goodness. I don’t judge.

Unless you put fruit on your pancake in which case…

Get out. Just get out.


In hindsight, I realise that maybe I should have posted this on Friday. That may have made more sense. I wasn’t really in the full swing of pancake fever on Friday, though. Instead of seeing this as a pancake post that’s a day late, maybe see it as a pancake post that’s a year early. If you think about it, I’m just giving you a headstart so you can start practicing for next Pancake Tuesday

You will be SO READY.

*Except you know that song Cake By The Ocean? Does anyone else feel like there should definitely be a rule about that? I think it should be added to the signs at the beach; no dogs, no drinks, no cake. I keep thinking about the amount of sand that would get in the buttercream and how it would mix with the jam and stick to you everywhere and just… gritty cake sounds so deeply, deeply unpleasant that anytime that song comes on the radio my teeth clench in protest and now I’m off on a tangent again and oh my God how do I always end up here in the footnotes. Sorry. As you were.

  1. I can’t walk past a box of powdered pancake mix without a jump in my blood sugar. I love them, but they’re evil! BTW, how can something so yummy be utterly impossible to clean off of the mixing bowl if dried too long?

    1. I lick the bowl, V. That solves the problem.

      1. That seems to be a suitable solution, Quinn. But, that goes against my need to regulate all things yummy each day. But I have found soaking the bowl in water and using steel wool does wonders. 😀 And I do apologize, I haven’t formally introduced myself. My name is Rob and the V-pub stands for virtual pub. Pleased to meet you!

        1. *does a dramatically low curtsy*

          Very pleased to meet you too, Rob!

  2. Gotta luv those pancakes how could you not they are truly something epic

    1. Epicakes.

  3. It was national pancake day here as well as FAT TUESDAY and in my household, TACO TUESDAY! I could probably write a similar post on tacos that you have on pancakes. You are very funny, I enjoyed this read!! Thanks for the recipe! I’ll let you know how it turns out…I am terrible at pancakes…or anything to that nature in a pan on the stove.

    1. This one is pretty easy so you should be okay! Just remember that the first pancake is always the Sacrificial, Ugly Pancake… but after that it’s generally smooth sailing!

      1. Haha, I made pancakes with my niece last weekend and she said the exact same thing to me. Although I had about 3 ugly ones first. 😉

  4. Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for breakfast and pancakes with Nutella all day long, the mother suggested I give up pancakes for lent, now that I’ve ate my annual pancake intake in one day….Hell no!

    1. Mmm bacon and maple syrup is such a good pairing!

  5. I missed pancake day because I was at an assessment day yesterday. I think I should make pancakes to treat myself for all my hard work later 😍 I’ll just pretend it’s Tuesday 😉 xx

    1. Danielle…. it can be Tuesday EVERY DAY if you want it to be! I believe in you!

      1. Hahaha I love your thinking 😉

  6. I really enjoy the fact that your recipe included words like “dribbles” and “liquidy gloop” and “dollop”. I am no Betty Crocker- those words make much more sense to me than “equal, even proportions”, “smooth yet full texture” (seriously, WTF does that mean?) and “large tablespoons” (I only have one size tablespoon within my measuring spoon arsenal, where’s the large tablespoon?).

    1. I feel like this is the kind of recipe that doesn’t require that sort of clinically precise language because if you go slightly over or under it’s not a total disaster. It’s a lot more haphazard round here!

  7. I love pancakes though butter and sugar is my topping of choice or chocolate because well, chocolate!

    1. Excellent choice of toppings!

  8. I knew I was forgetting something. On Tuesday I made pancakes, not sure why but I just had a crazy urge to. I miss Pancake Tuesday. When I lived in London, my brother once woke up on a Sunday and said to me that it was pancake Sunday and how he dreamt I made him pancakes and how I have the ability to make his dreams come true. Haha
    I love pancakes and crepes too. I like it in every which way, sweet, savoury, fruity or even a combination 😆😁

    1. Lucky coincidence! I definitely think every day could be a pancake day…

      1. Yes! The world would be a happier place

  9. Have you tried blueberry flavour syrup? Tastes a bit like a blueberry but no fruit were harmed in the making. In fact no fruit are in the ingredients. I think it fits your pancake rules…..

    1. I have never tried such a thing! What sorcery is this??

      1. Lyle’s. Comes in a squeezy bottle in case you want to skip the pancakes and go for direct oral administration…

  10. Chocolate? Maple syrup? Bacon? Truly, there is only one topping, and that is sugar with half a lemon’s worth of juice. Squeeze, sprinkle, devour, repeat ad infinitum. Anything else is heresy!

    1. The lemon juice & sugar combo is the OG topping for sure, but you have to be flexible in this day and age…

  11. Shrove(Pancake) Tuesday! Well god if I ever forget you’re Irish this certainly reminds me. Hahah. I’m a waffle man myself, but if I must, I recommend having rice cooker pancakes. These are really popular in Japan and easy to make in any Asian household for super fluffy cake-like pancakes. I wish we could attach pictures in comments but you know, Google is your friend. Rice cooker pancakes.

    1. Oh my God I just googled rice cooker pancakes…..

      They look like maple syrup sponges.

  12. So when is the next Pancake Tuesday? This sounds so important for global gastronomy! Do you think if most everyone ate lots of pancakes/crepes on this Tuesday that the Earth’s rotational axis would slip… perhaps requiring a counter-maneuver of everyone simultaneously thrusting their hips in an opposite direction!!!? You could be starting a pancak-o-geddon Quinn!!!

    1. That would be a notable way to get my name in the history books!

      1. Notable? Why am I imagining several other adjectives and also non-historical books? 😉

  13. I had pancakes today because I believe they should be celebrated every day of the week. As for syrup, I don’t know why I haven’t filled up a water bottle with it yet.

    1. That sounds like an excellent idea. Or a super soaker. And then just pump action shotgun it into your mouth.


      1. OH MY GOD YES

  14. Pancakeday should really be a holiday! They’re the best thing ever!
    Love, elena

  15. I can’t remember the last time I had a pancake, but the last time I had a waffle was on January 7… it was quite memorable I guess. Also, I’ve never had Nutella [don’t shoot!].

    1. Well in Paris make you sure you get a crepe with nutella from a street stall! They’re amazing!

      1. I might just do that! 🙂

  16. Pancakes can promote peace and so much more. I can eat them anytime.

  17. Lovely post! I’d have “liked” but some software malfunction has been preventing me from “liking” posts on WordPress blogs, so I’m leaving a comment instead. It was a fun read!

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